Thursday, 1 October 2009

Right side of brain day

They say that when we doing "arty" things we are using the right side of the brain.  Hence I had a "right side of the brain" day today and worked on my quilt.  This quilt has been causing me no end of grief so today I picked up some of my fabric paints and tried to "fix"  it.  I will push ahead with the quilt only because giving up on it seems such a waste.  Thank goodness for fabric paints...they hide a multitude of sins.  My new motto...If it doesnt work, paint over it!

It still needs a lot of stitching  but the main pieces are on.  Can you see what it is yet?

Yesterday I discovered something else.....When in "right side of brain" mode, dont try to do "left side of the brain" things like....housework and washing.  Thats when the washing powder ends up in all the wrong places in the machine!  I am guessing that is why good quilters often have messy houses.  Well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it!

Last night my husband and I were invited along with my collegues from Granny Quilts to the Singapore Turf Club for dinner and to see the horse races.  We had a lovely dinner there and it was great to see the races.  I really dont know much at all about horse racing and there is a lot to think about when picking a horse to place a bet on.  Needless to say my guesses on who was going to win the race were pretty bad.  We also got to see the horses up close.  What beautiful animals!  The colours and designs of the jockey's outfits were cool too.  I feel a quilt coming on!  Thanks to the staff of the Turf club for a lovely evening at the races.

My friend Henny and I are counting down the days until we go to the Houston Quilt Festival!  Only 12 more sleeps!

Happy quilting


Brooke said...

You're going to Houston!? You are going to have such a great time! I wish I was closer to Texas. Take lots of pictures.

Diana Parkes said...

I like this piece Marianne. I don't see a particular image yet, but I do love the tonal values - well done.