Saturday, 17 October 2009

Howdy from Houston

Howdy from the International Quilt Festival
in Houston, Texas!

What else can I say but WOW , what an amazing show.  They say that everything is bigger and Texas and well...there is no disputing that!  The quilts are spectacular and the market hall seems to go on and on and on and on.  My mind (and my wallet) just hurts thinking about how much is here to see and do.

I wish I could show you just some of the quilts on show here and how fabulous they are and how varied, but Im sure I would get in trouble for breach of copyright or something.
So I'll show you a photo of my friend Hennie instead.

We have both been "blown away" by the sheer size and scale of this show and the things on offer.  Today we went to a lecture about thread painting, tomorrow we take in a class on applique and later in the week we are booked to do a class on landscapes.  We have also "shopped til we dropped" as the price of fabric and notions is so much cheaper than in either Singapore, NZ or Holland.  We are both hoping that the airline wont notice the extra weight!

On Monday the festival is finished and we are hoping to do a bit of sightseeing around Houston.  Maybe we will go take a look at the space centre or check out one of the large art and craft shops.  First we need to find them!

This is our first time at this festival (also Hennie's first time in the states) and there was a lot to learn about where to go and what to do etc.  We ended up having to buy new cutting mats, rotary cutter and ruler for the class as we had nothing with us. Today we found out that we could have hired it.  Why is it that you always hear these things after you have bought new ones! 

We have had our fair share of laughs here as well.  We have had it twice now that the loos here have overflowed when flushed.  Once in the hotel and once at the convention centre.  Well I can tell you when that happens you dont know how fast to get out of the cubicle or get your feet up on higher ground!

Its been fun getting "immersed" in quilting for a week and away from the day to day things of home.  (although I do miss the family). My head is just spinning with new ideas for new quilts and I cant wait to get started on some of them.

Things to remember for next time:

1. Fly business class (can take 40 kgs home instead of 20)

2. Read the programme till I can recite it backwards and book all classes before I go.

3. Bring a ton of money

4. Get a job to pay for it all!

Happy quilting

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Diana Parkes said...

What a great experience Marianne. You will be buzzing for quite some time when you get back to Singapore.