Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Where did January go?

It seems like ages since my last post. Life has been busy since returning home and January seems to have just disappeared. My mother in law arrived the week after we got home as well as my nephew Gerald and his friend Marco. It was lovely to see everyone and the boys went and did their own thing which was nice and easy. I have been busy sightseeing with my mother in law as she didnt get to do much of that when she was here in May. We have been on a bus tour of Singapore as well as a boat criuse on the harbour in a chinese junk and have been to Sentosa Island. We went to Chinatown the week before new years celebrations and thankfully we went early in the day as by lunch time it was pretty busy not to mention hot. There was lots to see as it was nearly chinese new year. Everything was very red and gold.

We have seen a few lion (or dragon) dancers both in the zoo and around the condo. I think they go around the houses delivering good fortune. The ones in the zoo were really good and were jumping on posts about a metre off the ground. Im not sure how they could see anything under the giant lion mask but it was impressive. There is a great zoo in Singapore and I would strongly recommend it to anyone coming to Singapore. The orchid gardens are lovely too.

I am still thinking about what project to do next. The dutch craft group that I go to has decided to knit jersey's for aids children in Africa. I actually picked up a pair of knitting needles and knitted!!!! For those that know me well, that is quite a feat. I think I will stick to sewing for now and get my mother in law to finish it (she's an expert). I will probably start some shashiko (japanese embroidery) although I am also keen to start a fabric weaving project. I will keep you posted
The pictures that I did in my art class have been framed will be on display at our school international night. My children and a couple of other kiwis at the school will be doing some traditional maori songs. I'm looking forward to it although Im not sure if my kids are!
Next week my mum in law and I are off to Bangkok to go on a bike tour.(some shopping too). Cant wait!

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