Thursday, 20 September 2012

"Today is a good day to Dye"!

After feeling like I haven't produced anything much in months - today was the day to get into some fabric dyeing.

Firstly I dyed 24 fat quarters using the clear bright colours:

Then I decided to dye some of the "onesies" that I had left over from last time.  I added some rubber bands and took dye from the bags of the above fat quarters.  I'm assuming that once  the soda ash mixture was in the bags that the dye was not as active as it should be anymore and so the colours of the onesies looked good until I washed them.   They are supposed to be bright and vibrant like the fat quarters but they looked more pastel instead.
Before washing

Oh well - lesson learned for next time!  They don't look too bad pastel either!

Lastly, I had some sickly mint coloured fabric that I had dyed last time and never liked the colour of, so......

You wrap it around a pole with string, scrunch it down and add blue and red dye.....

And the results are amazing! (and much nicer)

This week has been really great on the quilting front:
Tuesday was ANZA Quilt group
Wednesday went to my friend Jesse's house to ogle her beautiful fabric and quilts and check out her fancy Bernina machine.  Wednesday afternoon - sewing class - my student finished her first bag
Thursday was dyeing day and sewing class - my students are nearly finished their first bag

Yeah for sewing/quilting/dyeing/fabric ogling!

Happy Quilting!

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What She Quilted said...

You were dying fabric and I didn't get an invite??? WOW!!! JK! It looks really good, even the pastel onesies. Great technique with the string.