Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Black and White Fabric Postcards

Isn't it funny that when you have time on your hands it is so hard to get motivated to get into the sewing room, yet when you are busy and have to "steal" time, you get more sewing done?

In June and July two of my kids were away and so one would think I had plenty of time for sewing, yet it was so hard to get motivated.  Now that life is back to it's usual hectic pace and teaching sewing classes 3 afternoons a week, I find I have achieved more in the last two weeks than in the whole of June, July and August!

I guess that working to a deadline helps as well.  The British Club Quilt show is on the 16th of October and there is still lots to do.  Today, another 4 cards completed.....

Now to order in some more supplies......

Happy Quilting!

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