Saturday, 30 April 2011

Very girly!

Here is my latest fabric postcard:

"Things women love"

Lovely "Girly" postcard  in red, gold trim and purple featuring shoes and handbags, two things most women love to collect.

Machine quilted with gold thread and purple satin stitching around the edges.

size 4 X 6 inches

Comes with a plastic sleeve as added protection during posting

Send this to your mother for mothers day or to your girlfriend  to say hi!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Seeing Blue

Yesterday morning I was all ready to sit down at my sewing machine for some serious quilting when I realised that my power box was broken.  I already wasn't able to use two of the power points and now the last two were also on their way out.  Time to buy a new one.  My old iron was also on its way out as the wires were starting to protrude from the cord.  Not good.  So off to the shops I went. 
Here is my new iron.  Yeah!  sorry didn't add a photo of the power box...I's a power box!
Anyway after that I managed to start on the blue part of my latest quilt.  Here is my progress:
Ok it doesn't look like much but it took ages cutting and fusing all those small diamonds!

Today it was ANZA quilt group and I sold some of my fabric postcards and my hand-dyed fabrics.  Yeah!
Yes, today was a great day!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The latest batch of fabric postcards

Here are the latest batch of fabric postcards:
Golden Hues

Golden Hue 2

Golden Hue 3

All postcards are for sale on my etsy page:

Happy Quilting!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Today's Postcards

Not a lot of sewing happened today due to having to take kids to the doctor (nothing serious!) but I did manage to finish a couple of postcards.  I hope you like them:

Pretty in Blue

New Zealand 1

I really need to get my photography skills up to scratch as these all look crooked when they are straight (I PROMISE!)

check out my etsy page:

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fabric Postcards

We arrived home from Shenzhen late Thursday night (early Friday morn) and picked our daughter Brooke up from the airport on Friday afternoon.  She had been in Cambodia on a school trip.  It was nice to have the family back together again!

Friday afternoon I managed to play around in the sewing room and made a couple of fabric postcards:

Desert Sunset

Mexican Sunset

Pretty in Purple

Back of postcard
These all measure 4 x 6 inches and are able to be posted just like a regular postcard.

Check out my etsy shop for details:

Shenzhen, China

This week I spent the week in Shenzhen China  (Just over the border with Hong Kong) with my hubby who had to be there for a conference.  We stayed at the Westin Hotel which was a fabulous hotel.  The food, service, staff and the room was fantastic.  It was great meeting some of  the people my husband works with.

During the day I found there is not really much in Shenzhen other than amusement parks (I'm too old) and shopping.  For those that know me you will know that I am probably the world's worst shopper. (other than fabric shops)  One of the days I took the Metro to Luo Hu.  The metro is great and runs very similar to Singapore.  I went to a place which sells knock off handbags/purses and electronics.  It was NOT fun!  How all that pushy, in your face, follow you everywhere tactic is supposed to entice you to buy anything is completely beyond me.  I lasted only 5 minutes before running to the nearest exit and telling the guy following me to get lost!
I took a few moments to compose myself and take a deep breath then went in again (on a different floor).  Hmm not much better although I did manage to buy myself a new purse before exiting and seeking solace in the local Mcdonalds!  Second visit lasted 15 minutes.  Aaargh I dislike shopping!

The last day I went to check out a local market street  (on advice from the chef at the hotel) and could walk around freely and unaccosted and managed to take some photos.

This part of Shenzhen was far more interesting.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Dyeing Frenzy

Yesterday we (Gina and I )got to do some more dyeing of fabric which I haven't done in quite a few months.  Here are the results:
Greens and Purples
Then we thought we would try out something different.  We cut the top off an old plastic coke bottle and added yellow dye to the bottom.  Then we added a scrunched up fat quater of fabric and added green dye to the top.  Then in with another piece of fabric, purple dye, fabric then yellow dye.  Push it all down with an old chopstick and see what emerges.
Here are the results:

Aren't they cool!

Yep! all in all a great day dyeing!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Still missing something

Have added some more pieces onto the red quilt but its still missing something in the top corner.
Not much sewing happened today as I went to ANZA quilt group.

Tomorrow if the weather is nice, the plan is to do some dyeing which I haven't done in a while.  Maybe I might paint some fabric too.

Happy Quilting

Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy 13th birthday Celine/Seeing more red

Saturday was my daughter Celines 13th birthday.  She had a couple of friends around and then they all went off to see a movie.  Big sister Brooke baked her a birthday cake and decorated it with fondant icing:
Purple - Celines favourite colour!
It tasted pretty good too!

Today was the day to start on the red part of my latest project.  Im very pleased with my progress, it is a bit more pink than I was expecting  and  there seems to be something missing....hmmm
This may need some more thought!
Happy Quilting!