Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Seeing Blue

Yesterday morning I was all ready to sit down at my sewing machine for some serious quilting when I realised that my power box was broken.  I already wasn't able to use two of the power points and now the last two were also on their way out.  Time to buy a new one.  My old iron was also on its way out as the wires were starting to protrude from the cord.  Not good.  So off to the shops I went. 
Here is my new iron.  Yeah!  sorry didn't add a photo of the power box...I mean...it's a power box!
Anyway after that I managed to start on the blue part of my latest quilt.  Here is my progress:
Ok it doesn't look like much but it took ages cutting and fusing all those small diamonds!

Today it was ANZA quilt group and I sold some of my fabric postcards and my hand-dyed fabrics.  Yeah!
Yes, today was a great day!

Happy Quilting!

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