Saturday, 16 April 2011

Shenzhen, China

This week I spent the week in Shenzhen China  (Just over the border with Hong Kong) with my hubby who had to be there for a conference.  We stayed at the Westin Hotel which was a fabulous hotel.  The food, service, staff and the room was fantastic.  It was great meeting some of  the people my husband works with.

During the day I found there is not really much in Shenzhen other than amusement parks (I'm too old) and shopping.  For those that know me you will know that I am probably the world's worst shopper. (other than fabric shops)  One of the days I took the Metro to Luo Hu.  The metro is great and runs very similar to Singapore.  I went to a place which sells knock off handbags/purses and electronics.  It was NOT fun!  How all that pushy, in your face, follow you everywhere tactic is supposed to entice you to buy anything is completely beyond me.  I lasted only 5 minutes before running to the nearest exit and telling the guy following me to get lost!
I took a few moments to compose myself and take a deep breath then went in again (on a different floor).  Hmm not much better although I did manage to buy myself a new purse before exiting and seeking solace in the local Mcdonalds!  Second visit lasted 15 minutes.  Aaargh I dislike shopping!

The last day I went to check out a local market street  (on advice from the chef at the hotel) and could walk around freely and unaccosted and managed to take some photos.

This part of Shenzhen was far more interesting.

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