Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Making Batik fabric

Yesterday I thought I would try making my own batik fabric.  I got a piece of blue fabric that I had previously dyed and stamped on it using water based resists.
On the right is the Jacquard water based resist (flowers) and on the left is  colorstop by textil design.

I found the Jacquard resist didnt keep its edges very nicely although maybe I just put too much on.

Once this dried I sprayed green/blue fabric paints over the design and let it dry. Once dry, I heat set the paint and washed the piece in warm water.

This is the front of the piece and the Jacquard resist is nowhere to be seen whereas the colourstop clearly shows the original colour, however.....


Turn the piece over and the flowers using the Jacquard resist clearly show up.

Maybe I need to try this again.....any suggestions or advice would be warmly welcome!

Yesterday we had our Christmas lunch from the ANZA Quilters and we had a lovely meal and we all made a pincushion as a "secret santa" gift.

Photos to follow......

I have also been busy watching Quilting Arts/cloth,paper,scissors dvds that a friend has lent me.  Wow!  my head is going to explode with all the new ideas.  The problem is what project to start first?

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dvds!

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tiny said...

Leuk dat je een bezoekje aan mijn blog gemaakt hebt, en een commentaar op de give away hebt gegeven. Je loot zat. mee.Leuke speldenkussens zijn er gemaakt. Wat verven betrefd heb ik geen enkele ervaring, het ziet er wel heel mooi uit. Groeten Tiny