Friday, 16 December 2011

Flour paste resist

Today seemed a good time to get some "play" in before the Christmas school holiday rush and  having to tidy up my sewing room in anticipation of guests.

Lately, I have been experimenting with different types of resists with varying results:
I have been using Colorstop by TextilDesign and Jacquard water based resist. The fabric was then painted  with fabric paints.  The Colorstop was fantastic and as soon as I washed the fabric the original colour came to the surface.  The Jacquard resist however was not visible (after washing) from the front of the fabric and only slightly on the back.  I have done this twice now thinking that maybe I hadn't shaken the Jacquard resist properly the first time but the results were the same.  I will now try both with fabric dyes and if that doesn't work the Jacquard resist will be heading for the bin!

I also decided to try my hand at using a flour resist.  I saw this technique on the Quilting Arts dvd that a friend has lent me and it looked pretty cool.

 Mix equal parts flour and water to make a smooth paste.

Stretch fabric on a board and secure with clips.

Add paste to fabric and smooth out with a spatula or knife. 
 Make marks in the paste with the end of a bamboo skewer and let dry.

Once it is dry I will paint it with fabric paints then remove the resist by soaking in warm water.

I will post more when the results are to study for my Mandarin exam next week!

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