Friday, 5 November 2010

With love from Houston, Texas

Howdy everyone from Houston Texas! 

I left Singapore on Monday night to fly to Holland and was met there by my friend Hennie and my mother in law Gysje.  After a quick freshening up, we went into Barneveld to do some shopping and later that afternoon we did some geocaching around the area.  This is a great way to see some of the local sights that you normally wouldnt come across.  The weather was nice and "crisp".

The next morning it was back to the airport to fly out to Houston for the Quilt Festival.  It was raining when we arrived in Houston and it was a "balmy"15 degrees celcius.  Brrr.  After checking in at the hotel it was time for Hennie and I to check out the Festival.  It wasnt long before the jet lag set in and it was time to go home and sleep.

Today we went on the Lone star tour which visited a couple of local quiltshops and a ranch (a mere 22000 acres!)

This evening we will go back to the festival to check out the winning quilts and some more of the vendors.I will post photos soon.

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