Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bye Bye Holland

Today is my last day in Holland and tomorrow morning I fly back to Singapore.  It has been a busy week and my mother in law and I have been travelling all over Holland visiting friends and family.  The weather has been quite mild although there was a lot of mist yesterday.

Yesterday we had my mother in laws 70th birthday party which was nice and I managed to catch up with people that I havent seen for a while including nieces and nephews.

Here are a couple photos from the quilt show in Holland called "De Naaidoos"
This is a must see if you are visiting Holland!

On Monday I went to visit my aunt in Schiedam and met a friend of hers that is also a keen quilter.  It was great meeting her and seeing her work.  Isnt it great that no matter what country you come from, quilters are such lovely people!

Well its time to go and pack my suitcase.....see you all again in Singapore

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