Monday, 4 October 2010

lesson one - darned quilts

Today I started on lesson one of the "Darned Quilts" class with Dena Crain through Quilt University.  I have done a previous class through them many years ago and found it really good.  You get the lesson sent to you every week and so you can do it at your own pace.  The lessons are also very detailed and there is always the forum for asking questions or meeting the other students. This is really cool as many of them live miles away in other countries.

Today we were making gentle pieced curves.  Curves is one of those things that I generally stayed away from unless it was fused.  These curves went really well and I didn't have to unpick anything and there were no little puckers either.

Today we also had someone come and install an automatic gate opener. Yeah! Not that opening a gate is a big hardship but living in a tropical country with  tropical downpours, one tends to get soaked to the bone before the gate is even open.

Thats all from me...tomorrow is the ANZA quilt group.

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