Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Today was one of those really rare days that I didnt need to go anywhere and could just spend a day at home.  It seemed like a great opportunity to work on my horse quilt.

The last 2 1/2 days were spent at school making curtains with other ladies from the PTF.  We made 72 curtains in all.  They still need to be hemmed but that will be next weeks job.  I am really feeling my knees from all the crawling on the ground measuring curtains.....old age perhaps!

Anyway, with the curtains all but done, the housework deferred till tomorrow, it was time to do some quilting!

The pattern looked simple enough but the pieces were pretty small.

Here's my progress for the day:
Starting with the mane

Adding the face

The nose

Ready to be ironed to the background

This is a pattern by Toni Whitney from the Bigfork Bay Cotton Company.

I was lucky enough to meet her at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last year.  She does some amazing animal quilts.  My friend Hennie has made the elephant one and it is spectacular!

This quilt still needs to have the background and borders pieced before I can iron the horse on.  Hopefully I will get another quiet day soon.

Now it is time to go back to the real something up for dinner!  (sigh!)


Quilting Queen said...

Wow...looking amazing. I've seen pictures of that pattern in mags. Really nice to see it in progress. Were you intimidated by the process?

Marianne Bos said...

Intimidated by 101 itsy bitsy teeny weeny pieces? a little, but the pattern is numbered so it is a case of starting at 1 through to 101. I put it together on a teflon sheet which helps