Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wedding Bells - Holland

I realise that it has been a while since my last post and no, there hasn't been much time for quilting.

Last week I was in Holland for my niece's wedding. The weather was beautiful (24 degs) and it was lovely to be able to spend this special day with them.

It was a busy week catching up with family. A week is very short so I didn't get to catch up with everyone. My mother in law and I also went to see the bride and groom sit their final exam for ballroom dancing. It was a great evening although walking back to the car afterwards was a little chilly (5 degs brrr). I also got to give Henriek his NZ quilt as a reminder of his trip there.

It was lovely to have a week off from the usual day to day things (e.g cooking, cleaning, kids homework).Thanks mum! We are all looking forward to you coming out to Singapore in July. Im feeling a little jaded since returning home so I think it's going to be a quiet day today.

On another note, I always enjoy getting mail from home and also getting my copy of the NZ Quilter Magazine. Imagine my delight when I opened this months copy of the NZ Quilter and found a photo of my "Chinese King of Hearts" quilt.

I was even more delighted when my friend Norma decided to buy this quilt. She was also sweet enough to get me a book on chinese symbols and their meanings. My quilts are inspired by my environment and cultures that I encounter and it is always wise to do your homework and know that what you put on your quilt is not going to offend. Thank you Norma!

Till next time, Happy quilting!

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