Thursday, 9 April 2009

My Etsy Store

This week I discovered "Etsy". This is where artists/crafters can sell their wares over the internet. What a cool idea!

Anyway my "Etsy" shop is now up and running and I will be adding more quilts for sale in the next week.

As for quilting this week, I have been working on my second woven quilt. I want to do some additional embellishments on it but havent decided what yet. My tree quilt is still on the back burner as I am waiting for my fabric paints to arrive so I can add the shading. I have ordered some Jacquard fabric paints and I cant wait to give them a go.

I went to the Elna shop here with a friend and they showed us the latest elna.This machine has a really nice large sewing table as well as a built in walking foot. Very Nice.....but a little costly at $3000 (singapore). I think I will stick to my machine as it does everything that I want anyway. I did buy another bobbin case that I can adjust to try my hand at some machine embroidery. I have a book called" Beginners Guide to Machine Embroidered Landscapes" by Alison Holt. She does some stunning landscape pieces so I will give that a try some time.

I have also asked the elna shop to order a circle attachment for my machine that will enable me to quilt full circles. Anyone who's tried to do that "freehand" will know how hard that is!

The drawing class at the kids school is going well. We have been learning how to draw portraits. For a "non-drawer" like myself, its pretty difficult but I am learning heaps and am really enjoying the class. Sadly the teacher Ms Gorman, is leaving in June to take another teaching position in Argentina. We will really miss her!
Next week is my daughters birthday and then the week after I am off to Holland for my nieces wedding. I am really looking forward to it.
till next time.....


Jenny in Belgium said...

Hallo Marianne,
Welkom op mijn blog. Ik heb ook je website bezocht, wat een prachtige quilts heb je gemaakt.

Biddy22 said...

Good luck with your Etsy shop. I'm not brave enough to try it.
I'm not familiar with an attachment to sew circles. Let us know how that goes. My free motion quilting circles are usually lopsided and ugly. A tool would be great help. Happy birthday to your daughter, and enjoy the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for your comments. a friend of mine has just bought an elna 6600 and that has a small pin (almost like a drawing pin) that you can put in the fabric and then turn the fabric as she sews. (this makes perfect circles) I also have an elna but I am sure that other machines might have a similar attachment. It might be an idea to look it up on the internet for your machine.