Wednesday, 15 December 2010

colour swatches

Today  and yesterday my son Luke has been home sick with a cold and asthma so it seemed like a good time to get some dyeing done while he was blobbed out in front of the tv.  I have been trying to dye a particular colour orange for a while but didnt have the right colour dyes.  They finally arrived on Monday (dont get me started about Speedposts service!!!!) and today it was the right time to try them out.

While the oranges were "curing" I made some colour swatches for the rainbow fabrics that I dyed the other week.  This seems like a good was of keeping track to what I dye.

Well the oranges are washed and dried and are completely the wrong colour .  Hmm I think this learning curve is going to be bigger than expected!

Till next time....


Margaret said...

Marianne, there's a wonderful thing called a "Dye Mixer Applet" which you can find through a google search - although I'm having trouble making it work at the moment, your guru might be able to persuade it to go! It's great to practice on before you dye.

Diana Parkes said...

I know you read my blog Marianne, and during the upcoming weeks I will be writing about dyeing flat colours on silks (same applies to cottons). Your orange may be the 'wrong' colour but you can make it the 'correct' one. Your documentation of already dyed fabrics is a great start but you need to be more specific - I will cover these aspects.