Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Quilting in Chinatown

Its been a couple of busy weeks with the kids home for the summer holidays!

Last Friday we finally took the kids to the Night safari which was great. We had a really nice time and there was plenty to see. It was Lukes' birthday on saturday so we tried to go out for dinner at the Hogs Breath cafe at Vivo only to find that it was closed for renovation. But never fear because there is another one at Holland Village. So after a 15 minute wait for a taxi we went to Holland Village but found that it had closed down. By then it was getting late and we were all hungry so we settled for Burger King instead. We finally found a Hogs breath cafe at Chijmes and Luke got his birthday wish on Sunday instead. Luke got the Lego Kings castle that he had so desperately been wanting. The kids were very quietly building for a couple of hours - fabulous!

Yesterday we took them swimming at Jurong Swimming pool. What a great complex that is and not very expensive either... $5.40 for the whole family!

Today I have been quilting again with the ladies from Chinatown. We started doing applique using fusible web for two baby quilts. A pink one with colourful flowers and a blue one with trains. The ladies are quick learners and we got lots done. The two previous quilts were also hung on the wall. (see the pink one in the background) . Tomorrow I think the two quilts will be finished or pretty close to it. These will be our sample quilts.Thank you especially to Mary who translates everything and is a real blessing to have in the class. What a great bunch of ladies!

Tomorrow my mother in law arrives for a two month visit. Yeah! We are all excited about her coming. I know that she is looking forward to it too.
Happy quilting

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