Saturday, 30 October 2010

Only two more sleeps......

Yes it is only two more sleeps until I go to Holland and then Houston to attend the Houston Quilt Festival and I am SOOOOOO excited!

I will be picking my friend Hennie up in Holland and then we will spend 5 days in Houston at the Quilt Festival.  We went for the first time last year and it completely "blew our minds".  The sheer size of the exhibitions and market hall was astounding.  I cant wait to go shopping.  (yes I know I hate shopping but this is different...this is quilt shopping...completely different!)

On another note, the darned quilt top is nearly done but that will have to wait until I am back from Houston.  It has been a really enjoyable course and am delighted with how the quilt has turned out so far.

Check out quilt university for more information on the courses they run.

Tonight we will be going out for dinner to celebrate my 40th birthday which was on Thursday.  What does being 40 feel like?  well its pretty much the same as 39!

happy quilting


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Darned Quilts

After 4 days of a splitting headache and most of Sunday asleep,  I finally relented and went to the doctor yesterday to get some antibiotics.

Today the head is feeling a little better and I managed to get some time in my sewing room to work on my "Darned Quilt" from Dena Crains class at Quilt University.

Today I added more embellishments and stitching to the quilt top and then proceeded to cut holes in it (literally) change them around and reinsert them into the quilt.

I am really enjoying this class and am hoping that I will have a lovely quilt at the end to show for it.
Will keep you posted....

After all that hard work its time for Misty and I to go and take a snooze before picking kids up from school.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Progress report - Darned Quilts Class

Here is a photo of the progress on the Darned Quilts Class with Dena Crain: I still need to add more embellishments such a ribbon, wool , etc.  Maybe I will get some time to do that today.
Bye for now

Friday, 8 October 2010

Rub a dub dub....

After nearly 5 months of having to boil water to do the dishes and having two minute luke warm showers we got a new hot water cylinder installed today!

To celebrate I decided to take a nice long hot shower before dinner.....aaaaahhhhh!

This is one happy and very squeaky clean chick!

Monday, 4 October 2010

lesson one - darned quilts

Today I started on lesson one of the "Darned Quilts" class with Dena Crain through Quilt University.  I have done a previous class through them many years ago and found it really good.  You get the lesson sent to you every week and so you can do it at your own pace.  The lessons are also very detailed and there is always the forum for asking questions or meeting the other students. This is really cool as many of them live miles away in other countries.

Today we were making gentle pieced curves.  Curves is one of those things that I generally stayed away from unless it was fused.  These curves went really well and I didn't have to unpick anything and there were no little puckers either.

Today we also had someone come and install an automatic gate opener. Yeah! Not that opening a gate is a big hardship but living in a tropical country with  tropical downpours, one tends to get soaked to the bone before the gate is even open.

Thats all from me...tomorrow is the ANZA quilt group.